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Commercial Solution

Do you need a commercial air conditioner for your business or building? Perhaps you have a huge warehouse or storage building. No matter what need you might have, there are a lot of choices when it comes to commercial air conditioners. No matter what your needs are, Smith Brothers Heat and Air has your solution. Our capable technicians are experienced at handling any commercial job. It doesn’t matter to us how big or small it is. We are dedicated professionals with a singular goal of providing comfort to you and your employees.

Different commercial air conditioner systems are available.

Cooling only split system. This system, as the name implies is split between two units. One unit is a an indoor air handling unit. The other unit is an outdoor condensing unit. The indoor unit has a a cooling unit, also called a heat exchanger and an expansion coil. The outdoor unit has condenser coil and condenser coil. These are most common in small businesses. They are also the most energy efficient of all the commercial units.

Another type of commercial air conditioner unit is a chilled water system. Liquid water is pumped to chilled water coils. With this type of system, since the water needs to be cold, it is required to have a cooling facility. The plant cools the water and pumps the cold water to air to water exchangers and to where the cold needs to be.

Another system is a packaged cooling only system. Unlike a split system, this is a single system that combines all the units of a split system into a single packaged unit. This system is only for cooling. If gas is used then a separate unit must be used, however an electric heat kit can be installed in the same unit without installing a separate unit. The unit is placed outside the building and and the air from inside is ducted from the building to the packaged system outside.

Another type of commercial air conditioner system is packaged terminal heat pump.

Residential Solution

Installing a heat pump in a house is a residential solution that provides comfort year around. More and more people are deciding to go that route. It is the solution for year round comfort. A heat pump cools in the summer and heats in the winter. Many home owners don’t know what heat pumps are so we will go into a brief explanation here. It is very simple once you understand the basic concept. As the name implies, a heat pump moves heat from one place to another. Heat is not generated, it is transferred. As an example, what happens to heat up a home is: the flame heats the water. The hot water is pumped to the radiator. The fan forces the cold air over the hot radiator. The water becomes cold because the heat has been transferred from the water to the air. The cold water is then pumped back to the water tank. It is then heated up again. In a real heat pump, you would replace the water with a refrigerant such as freon. You would replace the water pump with a compressor.

We also do commercial HVAC.

To cool a house in the summer, you would basically reverse it. The heat gets pumped out of the house. You change the position of the reversing valve. You reverse the direction of the refrigerant. This cools the house down. This is a simplified version of the way a heat pump works.

Heat pumps and air conditioners don’t generate heat. The heat is already inside your home. It is exactly like an air conditioner. It moves the heat from one place to another. The only difference is that heat pumps have a reversing valve. This reversing valve allows you to move the heat from inside the house. This cools the house.

To heat the house, you move the heat from outside the house to the inside. A lot of people ask: which is better, a furnace or a heat pump? The answer to that really depends where you live. In a warmer climate, a furnace is better. In cooler climates, a heat pump is better.